When we celebrate and share our unique gifts , we ignite God in ourselves and by our example in others Modern thinking tends to lean towards humility adopted heavily from religion, and yet this beautiful attribute has often been misunderstood. Instead of the recognition of a higher power acting through us, we tend to use it against ourselves as a way to avoid ownership of our abilities, we get confused and in an effort to avoid egoism we choose to live ‘small’. In hiding our


THE RIVER OF ABUNDANCE FLOWS TO SERVE INSPIRATION There is no Lack . Yet why it seems so is that the unlimited source that we call Abundance is blocked when we hold back the expression of creativity that wishes to be born through our existence. If we become identified with our persona and invest in its survival we become ingratiated by the investment we have made in our identity and don’t want to see it “harmed” . Yet this becomes a restrictive way of living as we prevent the


All Gain leads to attachment All Loss leads to Evolution In modern society we are lead to believe that less is bad and more is good , a mentally that leads to a consumer mindset that is always trying to acquire more stuff and seeing this as a success and adversely seeing any outcome that results in a loss as negative one . The issue with this way of thinking is that it is one that it is at odds with the natural flow of life , that in order to evolve needs to always be letti


when the trauma of the past no longer serves us It is time to draw the line and leave it behind We all have trauma in our lives. Incidents that of happened that have impacted us in a seemingly negative way that we carry within the matrix of a subconscious. They affect every decision we make, for they are like a wound that we are always trying to avoid touching and navigate our relationships looking to attract situation that soothe them and stay away from ones that would aggra


When we choose our own intuition over another’s influence to guide us we choose authentically The power of peer pressure in our lives Is a very real Force. Most of our thinking has been very heavily influenced by our parents , our family, our friends and now with the advent of social media, by the pressures we feel to live up to some version of ourselves that meets society’s vision of what is acceptable . This sometimes overwhelming perception is full of contradictions and mi


The greatest fulfillment is to allow love to express through us without reservation We can often look outside ourselves for fulfillment, to try and gain a sense of contentment from the exterior world , yet this way of thinking will always disempower ourself for it requires the outside to give us something it cannot . The Fulfillment we are looking for is actually only gained from within for that is the source of all we are and all we could be . The secret is that fulfillment


We we release the restrictions on others we also free ourselves In life we can often have a very high unconscious demands on ourselves. These internal expectations are the creators of the pressure and stress we feel to perform and achieve , creating a restrictive experience in our daily lives. How this plays out is that we normally have strong expectations of others to live up to these ideals as well. This demand is felt by others and creates a pressure on them which feels un


When the moments of space arise do not try to fill them they are a gift for reflection and recuperation. Something new is being born in you . Often when we lead a busy life we tend to fill each moment of the day with our To Do lists and in this way we can feel productive and purposeful. However life in all forms has waves and as well as the rising active ones there naturally occurs slower restful periods and when we notice these it would serve us to not resist them but to rec


To expect is to demand To receive is gratitude Although we all have them , when we wish to advance to the next level of evolution then its time to realize that all expectations are demands . When we see that our expectations that have a how or who attached to it have set up a limitation, that is perceived as a demand by others and the universe . We are saying that this is the only way and restricts the way that the desire can unfold , yet in truth there are infinite possibili


Raise your Vibration and you Raise your Elation Life is our chosen opportunity to be elated , to be invigorated , to be excited . Like all great adventures it comes with every flavor of experience and os designed to engage you fully , absorbing your attention into the richness and stretch your abilities beyond your current limited viewpoint to show you how much more you can be than you think you where ! So rather than become lost in the situation and think that some loss or s


There is no justification for oppression the answer is always compassionate consideration Sometimes we may feel that life is a battle and the only way to gain what we want is to use force to get it . So when another seems to be at odds with this we assess the situation and if we feel they are in the wrong then we feel justified to use our strength in an oppressive manner preventing others so we may achieve our goals. Yet the problem with this behavior is that the other is alw


Joy is available whenever we drop our future needs and realize the abundance of the present If this resonates Please like , share and comment below and join my mailing list at my website for more on the new Human operating system for life HOS3 WWW.PAULGOTEL.COM IF YOU ARE READY FOR YOUR OWN SELF REVOLUTION , then For Self Revolution Coaching Sessions email #paulgotel #innerpower #thebigu #bigu #evernow #selfrevolution #selfhelp #selfdiscovery #insp


COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION CREATES COMPASSIONATE UNDERSTANDING When we wish to communicate with another truthfully about something this can be challenging because it might be at odds with what they wish or what they want to hear , and when we are aware of this it can cause us to potentially water down the authenticity of what we wish to convey and become stuck in the loop of people pleasing. The issue with this is when we are not willing to talk from a place of honesty it th


HOW WE EXPERIENCE TIME IS A MEASURE OF OUR INSISTENCE, RESISTANCE AND ACCEPTANCE. Time seems to be immutable and constant and yet when we really look at the details we realize that it is different all over the world with different time zones. It is different on a different planet because they have different orbits around the sun and most importantly it is different for each of us depending on awareness in the moment, time can feel like it’s slow or time can feel like it’s fa


FEELING UNLOVED IS A SYPTOM OF CLOSING YOUR HEART SO THE PERSCRIPTION IS TO OPEN IT If this resonates Please like , share and comment below and join my mailing list at my website for more on the new Human operating system for life HOS3 WWW.PAULGOTEL.COM IF YOU ARE READY FOR YOUR OWN SELF REVOLUTION , then For Self Revolution Coaching Sessions email #paulgotel #innerpower #thebigu #bigu #evernow #selfrevolution #selfhelp #selfdiscovery #inspiration #


Remove your idea of perfection and excite in the unexpected wonders that fill the space We all have a limited perception of reality based on our experiences and what we have learnt in our lives so far and so we make assumptions of what is perfect and what is not, yet when we impose this small view on our lives , we limit the larger perspective of the BIG U that has an unlimited viewpoint and can see the beauty of the larger workings of reality . Life is always reflecting the

We each

Do not demand of yourself or others , make space for the unfolding to surprise you When we expect too much of ourselves not only do we create stress in our lives but also in the lives of those around us, as by demanding always more of ourselves brings us into overwhelm and then we subconsciously adopt the idea that if our friends and family loved us they would help us , which creates a negative drain on them and leads them to withdraw and a feeling of abandonment from us. T


The more we trust, the more we relax, the more we allow, the more we receive. When challenges arise in life our first reaction can be to become stressed because we are concerned about a negative outcome , and our mind is trying to find a solution that will avoid this , and we can feel pressured and move into insistence with others to try and resolve the situation quickly , yet this challenge has arisen to bring about change and although it might seem unexpected if we are awar


In this space of inner reflection make time to release the child that dwells inside is all #child #reflection #lookinside #beherenow #release #joy #allow #freedom #paulgotel #innerpower #thebigu #bigu #evernow #selfrevolution #selfhelp #selfdiscovery #inspiration #lifeteachings #love #peaceful #explore #experience #discover


This to will pass when like all challenges we have received the gift it has to offer us #gift #challange #pass #receive #trust #love #paulgotel #innerpower #thebigu #bigu #evernow #selfrevolution #selfhelp #selfdiscovery #inspiration #lifeteachings #love #peaceful #explore #experience #discover