Stop Rushing ahead slowing down will lessen the impact and increase the learning When we speed through life we hit things hard and fast and the impact is both jarring and throws us off course , yet if we are willing to stop rushing and slow down as we approach life's challenges we can navigate them with ease , and by paying close attention learn from them and recognize their value in our own evolution. If this resonates Please like , share and comment below and join my maili

Life's Purpose

The purpose of life is to experience joy by the expression of Love We all have many agendas in life running constantly yet although these all seem to be important in there own way , our true purpose is to experience the joy of being and the way to engage in this is through the expression of who we truly are which is Love! If this resonates Please like , share and comment below and join my mailing list at my website for more on the new Human operating system for life HOS3 WWW.


Every day is your re-Birth-day for If we release the past we can choose to be reborn a new every morning Once a year we celebrate our birthdays, these are seen as special, days where we acknowledge our entry into the human existence. The point at which we chose to imagine a separation from God so that we could explore and Discover the beauty of who we truly are from the limited perspective of an individual human journeying toward the realization of our magnificent and unity w


We have to explore who we are not before we can discover the value of who you are One of the quirkiest things of this existence as a human being, is that we have chosen to come down and forget our origins, so that we may go on a journey of exploration . We adventure throughout our existence in many ways , trying on different roles and masks, to see what fits. Eventually we realize that this objective is never going to lead us to the result we are looking for. We come into ex


Outer love is an expression of inner kindness When we choose to be kind to ourselves, we stop looking for others to fulfill our needs and instead discover our own fulfillment when we express that kindness through loving our life . Every aspect of the external world is an aspect of our internal relationship with ourselves and so when we choose to take the time to be compassionate, tender and kind to ourselves then we heal our own perverted judgements and come into a sweet lovi


When we are generous with another it reminds us to be generous with ourselves Generosity is the out flowing of abundance from the source within us to the aspects of source outside us . We often think of it as being good to others, yet the real secret is that it is the most enlivening thing we can do. For when we are generous with others it reminds us that we have the key to our own overflowing joy within us . Joy that is attained from the outside is playing the "Need" Game wh


MOVE TOWARDS ALL OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUR EVOLUTION In our lives we are given opportunities that we are confused about taking because we're not sure where they will lead or what will happen. Yet having the courage to step into the unknown is an invitation for our evolution for it means we will discover something about ourselves that our normal lives do not reveal and in this exploration we will have the opportunity to release the restrictions of our identity and expand beyond

The Trajectory of Inspiration

Follow the trajectory of your inspiration Within a soul is the beautiful ability to feel inspired, to recognize the positivity and joy we feel when we are in alignment with our spirit. When we move from this place we are intrinsically motivated fulfilled by the path we are taking and rewarded within the very action itself. The expression of our divine nature is the purpose of this vessel of humanity and when we get out of our way and allow this to guide us we build a momentum


Our Power is not useful to us unless we are courageous enough to own it and willing to access it from within Within us we have many amazing attributes, literally access to the source within us that is unlimited and can be called forth in the most wondrous ways to serve our divine expression of love. Yet when we hide from ourselves in the identity of the ego we perceive ourselves as less than we truly are for we cut ourselves off from this source. We deny ourselves access to


You are OK exactly as you are The cause of many of our stresses is our constant striving to be more, which arises from the idea that we are less. The idea that we need to produce a result from our day and achieve something order to have value to ourselves and others , yet what if without any action you where already more than enough. When we spend our days with agendas trying to achieve results and success we have an inner judge watching our use of time and registering wether


All aloneness arrives to creates space for transformation Sometimes we have plans with others which change abruptly , and leave us with an unexpected space in or schedule . If we are tired or busy that is quite often a blessing and happens perfectly to allow us to either rest or get a task completed and like most of life's changes they align to serve us perfectly. However sometimes this shift can catch us unaware and instead of realizing the gift we are hit with a wave of a


Compassionate self acceptance is the path to peace Quite often in life we can be very judge mental about ourselves and behaviors. Looking back at the post we can have regrets about things that we perceive as mistakes, that lead to situations we would have wanted to avoid . Yet these judgmental memories have a negative effect on our future for they push us onwards ,trying to make up for these past perceived mistakes by looking to achieve improvements each day . Yet to always


THE GREATEST ABUNDANCE IS FELT IN THE SHARING OF ONESELF Although many of us are generous with material things and buying gifts, the most generous we can be is the sharing of our authentic selves. When we are willing to truly give presence to another without conditions and in honesty , vulnerability and compassion this has the greatest worth. Often we feel abundance is something that comes from outside to in, when we gain something. Yet true abundance is felt when we give of


The cycle of rest is equally as important as the cycle of activity Most of the time our bodies are very energized and capable. We use them in our very active and busy lives , quite often taking this for granted. We expect them to always be available and resourceful. To use in whatever way we choose. But sometimes our bodies hit a wave of fatigue and this is a communication inviting us to surrender. So often when we are tired instead of allowing the natural downcycle to bring


DREAMS ARE COMMUNICATIONS FROM YOUR SOUL WRAPPED IN THE MEMORIES OF YOUR MIND When we are visited by dreams in our sleep that profoundly stay with us, like all things that are not immediately understandable by the mind , they are deep communications that can be interpreted by our heart. The mind can so often be confused, with many memories and images, and when we try to make sense of dreams in this way they seem to be surreal and illogical. However the soul is using images t


TRUST IN THE PERFECTION OF THIS MOMENT Sometimes we can let our plans get in the way of realizing the perfection of this very moment. We can get so busy planning ahead and worrying about the outcomes trying to ensure things work out how we want them , that we actually miss the fact that this very moment right now, everything is perfectly OK. When we are busy living in the future we are not present to the present. And when we live like this we miss the very gift, the present


When we allow ourselves to rest we reconnect and recharge from Source Many of us have a packed agenda of activity, constantly looking to be productive and complete a never ending ‘To Do’ list . So when we become tired or lack energy we can fight it with stimulation , caffeinated drinks or sugary foods, in order to keep going, yet we miss the essential gift that this phase of experience os offering us. When we don’t stop we slowly lose our connection to source on this treadmil


TO NOT FEEL LACK DON’T HOLD BACK One of the root causes of our distress in life is the belief in Lack . We feel we do not have enough of many things but ultimately At the core of this issue is the idea that we do not have enough love . At an early age we had an experience that Impacted us to such an extent that the overflowing source of our being, which is love seemed to be too much for others to handle. In whatever form this dynamic expression took we became shut down By ou


To Experience Love Express Love We do not need love for we are are Love . Everything is made up of energy , and although it is made up of many frequencies in the spectrum to give the variety that we perceive as the differences of existence, ultimately it is all one energy, and that energy is Love . In our own lives all of us feel the need for Love and at the core of all our motivations is the seeking of it . All our actions are driven to acquire it , yet no matter how hard w


Our ultimate creation is ourselves and it is a continuously evolving everyday Through out our lives we seem to be occupied with putting energy towards creating things on the outside , our careers , our Homes , our families yet ultimately all of these are external echoes of our greatest creation ourselves. However if we become so enamored with the exterior manifestations we can lose sight of this and start to spend more time focused on them than on what they are a reflection o