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The big u
A guide to self revolution

Paul Gotel marks his publishing debut with the release of “The Big U: A Guide to Self Revolution” (published by Balboa Press), a guidebook offered to anyone who is “tired of living small” and is ready to “take the big step to revolutionize their life.”


The book emphasizes that people live a small version of their true big potential, and that the bigger part of each is actually a unified part of all people. Moreover, to evolve beyond the present limitations, they must be ready to start a self-revolution, not against some exterior power of society or government, but within themselves.


Inspired by Gotel’s journey for wisdom around the world, the book condenses many spiritual traditions into the simplest unified voice so all people of the world, adults and children alike, may have a clear and inspiring message to guide them on their own journey of evolution.


“I wish the reader to understand that the ‘small’ concept of who they are is only limited by a false idea of lack, that in actuality they are much ‘Bigger’ than they could imagine. From this viewpoint, one can see there were no mistakes, simply misunderstandings of the purpose of their life, and the Bigger role and influence they actually have on it!” Gotel shares.

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