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When we drop the need to resist what is we open the space for it to teach us who we are

In life many different things happen that we experience in many different ways . Some that seem to add to us are appreciated and some that seem to take from us are not , yet ultimately we are always evolving every moment and whatever our judgment might be the truth is we are in a constant state of creation and the experiences of our life are showing us who we now.

The resistance to anything is on some level the resistance to ourselves . We seem to want to hold on to any acquisition and are challenged when we seem to have to let go , yet if we can allow “what is “ happening to simply be without need for excuse or defense, we can discover who we are and who we are not in each new moment .

Life is a constant process of education, revealing deeper depths of the truth of our magnificence in each reflection, leading us on a path of wondrous unveiling towards equanimity and acceptance . So stop the resistance, allow the unfolding, celebrate the understanding and drop all attachment for in the bed of vulnerability , compassion and peace will grow unhindered and blossom in your heart.

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