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Inner peace arises when we stop seeking to improve ourselves but instead accept our true selves unconditionally

There is a big push in modern society for self improvement and in many ways that could be interpreted as what I am sharing , yet what Ive also discovered is that the drive to improve ourselves can be a mask that has us not see the true aspect of who we are below the Ingratiation we are so busy working on .

At our core we are the innocent and unique souls that entered this world with out any faults or need for improvement, yet we came in with a desire to explore and learn deeper aspects of ourselves and so we adopted false beliefs from our peers and family that created limits to our idea of who we are . Then at some point we proceed on a journey of understanding and then removing these limitations improving our realization of who we are .

Yet when we invested in a false identity through the mistaken belief of the need for self improvement , we can consistently judge ourselves and it is stopping this behavior that im talking too . If we drop this and engender self acceptance, the clarity of our essential divine essence is revealed , and we can move forward using this life as an opportunity to express our unique beauty to the world .

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