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When we release the need to know the outcome we open the door to be abundantly supported by the universe

Having a set agenda with a distinct goal seems to be the best way to set about on any task or journey, yet this way of navigating life limits the opportunities that can enter our lives as when we need to know the outcome we don’t allow for an unexpected and upgraded result .

If we are willing to release the reigns and trust that “God will take the Wheel” then the BIG U is free to recalculate and redirect the circumstances of an event to realign with the highest most effective way for is to evolve.

Sometimes this will not look like we expect yet will always be offering us the most expedient and appropriate experiences to bring us to a gracious place of acceptance , where we open up to be supported by all around us. For no matter the action those that reflect us are always serving us by showing up exactly as they need to to bring us clarity and trusting in their creativity and expression allows us to feel supported without restrictions.

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