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No matter how it seems, and sometimes it does seem very contrary to this statement, everyone we meet are angels, specific reflections, creations of our own making that show up specifically to perform miracles so they may give us gifts of love.

Obviously this is a very difficult concept to grasp. As most of us like myself, have been very challenged in our lives by individuals , “demons” who seem to attack us on some level , whether it be our family or friends or strangers, yet what I’m suggesting here is that no matter the challenge who we attract to us in our lives has come to us to support us in our evolution, by making us face a lesson of loss and surrender, that on a soul level we have actually chosen to undertake.

If we wish to reach our highest and purest state, we have to embody compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, gratefulness, nonattachment, non-judgment, and Most of all total responsibility for the manifestation before us. To do this we attract people places and things that seem at odds with our happiness and desires, yet they are actually offering us the opportunity to embody the attributes above, and as we move to this place of equanimity and embody the witness we eventually arrive at true peace in our lives.

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