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All judgement is self judgement, all blame is avoidance of responsibility, seek to look inside to discover the answers we look for in another

When we are having challenges in a relationship we can feel judged, and in return judge ; we can feel Blamed and in return blame . This game of back and forth is one of righteousness and on the surface can seem just, as facts are presented and the case argued, yet ultimately this way of dealing with the situation is avoiding our responsibility for its creation .

Since all things are a reflection, and the purpose of that is to serve us eventually we will get tired of the game and realize that the only way to find resolution is to look within . Were no matter the details or the rightness of our situation it is by looking inside that we will discover the reason it has arisen.

Inside us all is the wounds of the past that we carry protected and hope to stop them resurfacing so we can avoid the pain , yet it is only by having the courage to go there that we can actually access them , feel the feelings and allow them to move outwards . Our healing begins when the stuck energy is free and in-motion for it is here we can choose to no longer hold it within and see that despite all our challenges we can choose to drop the past and recreate a new story right here and now .

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