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Assuming responsibility for another is always just an assumption

In life we have many situations that seem to demand we assume responsibility for another , however the truth is when we do so it is always an assumption that does not actual tell the full truth . For each of is no matter the role we play where we adopt responsibility for others ie Parenting, ultimately every being is responsible for their own journey and the choices they make to craft it .

Most of us in human society have been brought up by being taken care of by a parents, who assume responsibility for our well-being when we are small infants. Yet as we grow this dependency naturally starts to lessen and as teenagers we break out into our own authority as we prepare for the responsibilities of adulthood. However because of this when we grow up we assume roles of responsibility for others in our lives and although in logistical aspects this is very much so, we fail to notice that when we get involved with the journey of another being , attempting to orchestrate their lives we are often projecting from our own ignored requirements.

In assuming what they need we interject with that individuals own guidance which could be a completely different conclusion to our own, So whatever role we play the best thing we can do is , drop our assumptions and support those in our charge to listen to and trust their own internal compass.

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