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If we want the opportunity to be anything we have to surrender the attachment to being something.

We are an unlimited expression of energy that can literally express it self in a infinite amount of ways each decision leading to a whole plethora of opportunities, yet if we wish to experience this possibility we have to first be willing to drop the only thing standing in our way ... Ourselves!

We have all gone through life acquiring stuff. Material things , qualifications , beliefs and most limiting the idea of who we are and what attributes make this up . Our identity, if we choose to become attached to it , becomes a prison and we are the ones who hold the key.

The problem here is that we feel we have made an investment and quite often this was made with a cost . Some sacrifice that we made in order to have a future payoff . So the idea of surrendering this hard won Small you feels like giving up , yet the truth is the very things we hold on to including our personally are the things that limit our evolution.

So let go of all you think you are so you can discovery the unlimited opportunity of all you can be !.

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