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Updated: May 15, 2021

The need for patience disappears when we except the perfection of the moment

One of the most desirable attributes of the spiritual seeker on the path go enlightenment is to develop patience, to be able to trust that all will arrive in perfect timing, that “ the fruit will fall when it is ripe” and this is an amazing ability to cultivate that will bring you serenity on the path to peace .

Yet there is also a point where patience itself will be dropped , and that is when we realize that it is the opposite of impatience, and that both are based in the future, the idea that something is coming that will improve or ingratiate the situation right now and that in itself is missing the greatest gift .

When we can move beyond this duality and realize the perfection of this present moment , that it is the greatest moment in your existence, that if you focus your presence right here and now , dropping the attachment to a result in the future, then you will receive the most wondrous gift. Every moment of NOW contains a present sent to you by your divine presence the BIG U , and all it takes for you to receive it is willingness to accept the magnificence that you bring when you show up completely and are willing to express your fullest being , shining bright with the joy of this realization!

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