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Our body is a communication device . It is where all the energy that has been suppressed on a mental and emotional level is stored , until its frequency drops to that of the physical and at that stage it manifests as disease in the body . The reason it does this is so that it demands our attention for the messages that our intuition have been giving us which we have mentally ignored .

The body interprets this message physically and the particular illness that we have is in direct reflection to the communication that is being given to us . If we try to ignore it with suppressive medicine without receiving the message then the energy will become pressurized and instead of going away will increase in it’s intensity until we are forced to stop and listen .

When we are finally ready to surrender and receive the message we move into ownership and reflection. At first it might be difficult to understand why this situation has occurred and we might look to some exterior cause yet ultimately it is only when we consider how we feel about it that we start to get the answers. We can reflect on what mindset we where running prior to this interruption and how it was not

Serving us . This has happened to invite us to question the track we were heading along and to drop outmoded and limiting beliefs so that we shift our trajectory and realign our lives in a more harmonious and inspiring direction.

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