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Beyond the branches of confusion lies the open Skies of freedom

The BIG U - 3/24/21

Often the amount of tasks and responsibilities we have in life can seem like many branches creating confusion and blocking our way towards Freedom. We fill our days with an agenda that requires us to complete it before we allow ourselves the choice to play and create .

This internalized system of reward for effort means we only feel good when we have worked hard and achieved our goals, only then we allow ourselves the free time to enjoy and have fun , seeing it as something we deserve.

This way of thinking is limiting and creates an internal judge that is always separating work from play and making the former a result of the latter , whereas we can combine these mindsets and instead of separate dynamics we can choose work that is joyful and play that requires effort . When we align our bliss with our career and our chores with our creativity then we stop the polarization and realize that every step of life can be fulfilling in of itself .

This Intrinsic motivation means that we no longer live in a world of reward and punishment but in a space where we are fulfilled by the action itself . We align ourselves with our authentic selves and in each expression of this we are find we no longer compromise effort for a future reward bit are ingratiated by the act itself and we receive all in each moment of creative expansion.

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