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2nd Corner of Love - CARING FRIEND - 4 Corners of Love - Decoding the structure of relationships by Paul Gotel.

All Relationships , wether romantic or friendships , bring gifts and challenges , usually wrapped up in each other , and one of the challenges is how to decipher the different aspects that come into play.

The object of this Model is to break down the singular concept relationship into four corners, each having their own attributes !.

The Second Corner we’ll pinpoint is the FRIEND corner , with its main goal to be infused with CARING.

A Caring Friend , is one that genuinely cares for your wellbeing, that puts their concern for you above their judgement of you . This caring It is rooted in compassion not pity , it sees you as the most magnificent being that you are , and whilst there is space and sensitivity around the challenges you may face , holds you to that vision when you forget . They will not hold you to ransom or ask you to betray yourself for them , but will also be humble enough to reveal their own vulnerability , having the courage to trust you with their whole being and visa versa , this creates compassion for each other and through this genuine connection allows for each of you to evolve on a soul level , taking space when needed but never severing the integral bonds of truth that are so rare , and will always be ready to forgive and see each other in the highest light .

Within the Friend corner are many aspects , Caring , Compassion , Communication , Trust, Vulnerability, Honesty, Integrity, Humility , forgiveness, Truth , courage , connection, alignment , Belief, Authenticity.

This is the glue of the relationship, the core values that more than any other corner have longevity for they hold the greatest value of allowing ourselves to be witnessed total as we are , and thus knowing who we are as we trust and share ourselves authentically with another. ( for More details watch for 4 Corners of Love events and workshops coming soon)

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