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When we wish to communicate with another truthfully about something this can be challenging because it might be at odds with what they wish or what they want to hear , and when we are aware of this it can cause us to potentially water down the authenticity of what we wish to convey and become stuck in the loop of people pleasing.

The issue with this is when we are not willing to talk from a place of honesty it this inauthenticity is subconsciously perceived by the other and on some level they realize they are being ‘lied’ too even if this lie is a white one . This lack of directness can be interpreted as negative and even though we are sabotaging ourselves to achieve our goal of pleasing another, quite often this backfires and both parties are left with a bad taste in their mouth.

When we have the courage to communicate from a place of absolute honesty and total vulnerability, the door way to this is to come from a place of ownership. To look at our part in the experience and the story it is triggering in us and then compassionately communicate with out barbs or blame, but with clarity and integrity, and although this is scary it’s more likely to be reflected by compassionate understanding and ultimately the connection we seek .

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