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Compassion opens the door to understanding beyond blame

If we feel impacted by another we can withdraw and feel they are the cause of our emotions, yet when we do this we close the door to connection and in doing so shut our own heart to the healing power of compassion.

Compassion offers an alternative to blame , and it has two stages first, self compassion. This is total ownership of all that has occurred without self judgment and reflection as to why we would draw this to us, so that we may see the hidden aspect of ourselves that is looking to be released and healed . Once we have realized this we can then take that compassion and direct it to the other and see that they two are going through a deep healing opportunity.

When we can open the door to compassion for all others we move from blaming them and instead see the reflection they hold for us and us for them. We drop Judgement and see that each of us is uncovering an old wound that once faced, free's us both and reveals a hidden gift that we now have can share with each other .

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