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The BIG U - 1/28/21


We all prone to use our skills and abilities to control our lives to get involved with the workings of our manifestations to ensure that things go our way , and we exert a high level of attention and effort in making sure they do , with a lot of frustration and irritation if they seem to not align with the way we feel it should happen.

The problem with this method is that it is very limiting to the actual possibilities that could actually occur when we allow the universe to operate unrestricted from our limited viewpoints. All of us no matter our expertise have a limited singular viewpoint and can only call upon a small circle of experience in our lives and the lives of who we are aware of to construct the way we believe something can come about , yet actually possibilities are limitless and can lead to totally unexpected opportunities that we never dreamed of that are better suited to our actual desires and needs than we could have imagined .

So when we can realize that this control is a sign of ourselves not being willing to Trust the universe and is the source of our stress and is actually limiting our expansion , we can instead recognize when something feels chaotic it is actually an unexpected direction arising and we can choose to surrender our control and watch with curiosity , releasing our limited expectations for a grander possible outcome , Trusting that divine order is coming into play and becoming excited as to what will be revealed in this next step of our evolution.

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