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Be Courageous  enough

To Be Authentic .

For confidence is born from trust ourselves.

Asking for what you want requires courage . When we are willing to trust our internal guidance and release our fears we can communicate from a place of authenticity.

How to do this is developing self awareness so that In each moment we can notice if we are resistant, in which case we move towards this situation or Insistent in which case we step back from it . Never forcing or avoiding but tuning into our authentic sensory feedback mechanism knowing that peace is found in the center of our selves .

From this place of confidence we drop all F.U.M.O ( fear of missing out ) and F.O.L.D ( Fear of letting Down) ™ and develop the confidence to trust our internal guidance system. This  will always bring us to the next step on our journey where some aspect of our identity, some mental baggage we are carrying , can be dropped and the next hurdle then leaped with ease as proceed on our path towards enlightenment.

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