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No decision is a decision.

When we are faced every moment with choices we can sometimes doubt our intuition and choose rather to put off a decision until another time.

Although giving space for the situation to breathe and for spaciousness and silence for you to have an opportunity to reflect ,when we simply are too confused with our own Monkey mind trying to weigh pros and cons, ultimately the point of this silence and reflection is to remove those layers of confusion and allow our inner guidance to arise and give us clarity on the decision going forward.

Yet sometimes we use this as a kind of spiritual bypass and avoid making any decision whatsoever, and yet the simple truth is that when we do not make a decision, that in itself is our decision. Our indecision so often is a no, and it is much more empowering to choose a no from a place of gratitude , no thank you !, is a clear choice it allows for redirection to a yes please.

So when we choose to simply stay in indecision the universe will move forward nevertheless and quite often events and situations will play out that if we’re not careful we will feel we had no control over, and yet really we were acquiescing our responsibilities all along.

So whenever life present you with a decision trust your intuition, your inner voice, your instinct and if it is a NO make it a clear one with gratitude, and if it is a YES know that it will contain risk, and yet within this is a whole adventure presented for you to discover about something new yourself.

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