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We are not Better than each other simply Different and thats what makes us all so unique.

In our world we can often become obsessed with being better, and in a lot of ways self betterment or self improvement has become a very strong focus of modern life. Yet the question this brings up is better than what? Unfortunately it's quite often rooted in our own judgment of ourselves as less than what we believe we should be, and this intern comes from are comparing ourselves to other people and judging our achievements or status in relation to them.

Ultimately the only real form of self improvement is in the degree that we are becoming more and more authentic and true to our own being. As we listen to this inner guidance then it will be perceived that we are getting better and yet really what we are doing is removing the lies of us being worse.

All of us are different to each other and as we interact with everyone we change constantly, and so those differences are in a constant state of evolution with each person we encounter advancing this. No other being in existence has ever had the exact same experiences along their path to bring about your unique and invaluable self and without you the universe would be incomplete.

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