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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The BIG U - 10/26/20

All distraction is when you

dis-Trust an action because you are attached to an outcome.

If we are our a focused individual and something leads us off our point of focus , we can feel distracted , and tend to reflect back on it with a judgement of negativity upon ourselves that we shouldn’t let ourselves be distracted and should stay on course , but what if there was no such thing as distractions and every experience was designed perfectly to bring us to the next highest point in your evolution?

What i am saying is that what we call

distractions are actually actions that we have dis-trusted !. From our current limited perspective we see things as not serving out goal ( ie they are Dis.- Tracting , they remove traction to our agenda) and then we blame the person , place or thing for distracting us , but also hold a judgement of ourselves to do better next time and not get distracted.

However when we realize that we have a limited viewpoint and from the BIG U perspective every moment we are being served the perfect experience to bring about the most efficient and intriguing route to the higher agenda of our souls evolution and this we see that the “small u “ has an attachment to an outcome based on what we believe is the best for us , yet when we can release the attachments we free ourselves to dive wholeheartedly into the moment and show up with acceptance and gratitude for all that presents itself without and within , and trust the unfolding mystery to be always serving us !

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