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Don’t Force the Fill #Dontforce #allow #fill #space #patience #paulgotel #dontforceit #dontforcethefill #innerpower #thebigu #bigu #evernow #selfrevolution #selfhelp #selfdiscovery #maui #inspiration When life has moved a person , place or thing away from you unexpectedly then instead of seeking to fill the space with a new version of that thing , allow the space to permeate you being , breathe into the opportunity that arises.

Like when you look at a sheet of clean white paper savor the possibilities inherent in its clear blank space before you and contemplate the different ways you could draw a new future to you .

Instead of forcing the fill , take that time to reflect on the past and what has worked and what has changed , what you have learnt and what you now wish to learn , and then give the universe a moment to inspire you as you drink deep of the freedom that you now feel without the path clearly defined , you may relax and watch with awe as a new star of inspiration comes forward to guide your way !

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