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To authentically express who we are we must release the idealized self we wish we were

Sometimes our aspirations can become a little tricky, in our heartfelt attempts to improve ourselves and reach an idealized goal of how we

Think we should be, we end up unknowingly compromising our authenticity in the moment.

Many of us are influenced by our parents ,are heroes, our mentors, are teachers, and our religious saints and Avatars , collectively these form an idealized version of the perfect being that we think we should aspire to be, yet when we do this we are essentially saying that who we are right now is not enough, is not good enough, and in our effort to be more we lose sight of the authentic being we are right now.

If we can drop all future idealizations and accept the truth of our magnificent lineage right now, the essence of who and what we are and have always been is perfect. Not perfect with judgment , but simply perfect in its innocence and purity. It is a constant trying to be something other than what we are right now that

misses the fact that we are the fulfillment of life expressed every moment, in our unique and wondrous being.

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