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When we have an agenda without realizing it, we can be very insistent on having it organized and arranged as soon as possible. To remove the task of organization off our plates and tic the box of completion.

However, sometimes certain parts of the equation do not line up, whether it be logistics of travel or dynamics with other people involved, and we can become frustrated. We force a conclusion so that we can feel complete and no things are moving ahead as we wish them to.

There is another way of understanding what is going on here because when we insist we actually create more resistance And even if we force something to resolution, quite often that will create stress in another part of the chain of events at a later date so ultimately, this does not serve us .

Instead of this behavior, next time you are faced with this kind of pressure lean back, give space, invite yourself to understand that there are pieces of the puzzle that are being rearranged to serve you in a higher way and your insistence creates friction which does not allow them to enter.

So open up and trust,  understanding that there is divine timing at work. Invite things to come about in unexpected and beautiful ways,  if you're willing to allow them.

What are you forcing that you can give space to breathe ??

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