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Drop your egoic impression and Trust your authentic expression

In our daily lives, we wear many hats, different roles like parent or child, friend or family , employee or employer, leader or devotee etc. yet within these idealized archetypes, we have a number of expectancies that we believe make us better in each role we undertake. We reflect on what we perceive are good attributes for each based

on our society and culture, and use these as guidance to live up to an internal expectation of succeeding in each of them.

Although this is completely normal, and how much of us operate what we don't realize is these adopted boundaries of achievement, subconsciously become more important than what we feel might be authentically correct. Even though as an individual, we might strive to be aware and authentic in ourselves, when playing an idealized role, we tend to overpower our natural tendencies in return for self congratulated sense of achievement.

It is in these roles, especially that we need to lean in to our authenticity noticing when we are withholding ourselves or overtly, expressing ourselves, in order to meet some requirement, and instead trust that our authentic expression will always be the most compassionate, loving and successful for all involved and will always make the best impression on others and ourselves.

What role are you struggling with that you can bring the light of authenticity to ?

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