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To release all insistence and resistance

The quality of peace that interacts with the exterior world is that of ease, when we are at ease internally then the reflection in the exterior world is one that allows us to move effortlessly allowing all experiences to flow with observation and Acceptance.

The guidance that we can use to enhance this way of being is to notice when we are “insisting “ attaching to a way that some thing is supposed to work out and creating force towards that goal, when you discover this the idea is to back off to take your foot off the accelerator and allow the situation to unfold gracefully and make a space to receive that.

The other is when you are in resistance, this arises from fear or doubt and you are bringing the past into this moment and looking to make sure you are safe, however this is an unfair way of treating this brand new experience and you can choose to it meet it in a brand new way dropping your past stories and trusting that whatever way this plays out you will not resist the gift it has come to share with you.

When we are able to use these wonderful tools as a rudder , we can sail the ship of our lives and navigate with Ease!

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