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Emotional Guidance

The BIG U- January 26, 2021

Our emotional guidance system is an amazing gift always updating and refining itself every moment to guide us to the next greatest level of evolution in each moment.

Just like a GPS in a car, there are a number of points of information that are required in order for this system to work. The most important one to know where you are at the present moment, because if you think you’re somewhere other than where you are , the directions will be off, and then you will be frustrated when we do not understand the signs that life is giving us. The BIG U is aware of where you are at all times and will give you the correct guidance to move from there to where you choose, and will constantly adjust itself based on new choices that you might make at any time.

So when life is not making sense it is normally because we are not fully aware of where we are, and this is the time to get very mindful in the present moment, so that from this clarity we can understand the guidance we are being given, and it it’s always great to know that we can choose a different destination and then the guidance will also change , updating to meet our new vision !

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