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Occasionally we have a break in our busy schedule wether it's enforced by illness , travel delays or cancellations, and without realizing it  often our first reaction is one of frustration. We can become irritated at what feels like a disruption in our plans , feeling that this is going to cost us in time or money .

When this Emptiness arises we can be triggered by our subconscious feeling of lack, that somehow we are missing an opportunity or slipping backwards in our ever increasing drive for self worth . Yet this pressure to move forwards is missing the real opportunity that is available to each of us for the empty spaces are delivered to us exactly when required.

If we are always moving towards some future goal we can miss the present moment. All of these unexpected interventions are actually invitations for us to allow inspiration to arise . Wether we take the time to create , walk or reach out to talk , this space is showing up for us to be delivered an inspired download to ignite our latent creativity .

Be grateful for all empty moments and open to the inspiration they invite ?

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