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Contraction leads to sadness expansion leads to gladness

When we contract from life due to fear we normally disengage from taking risks and the new opportunities these present. We choose this in order to look after ourselves yet when we play safe our life becomes stagnant and sadness starts to seep into our being .

We did not choose to come into existence as a human being to stay safe , to live small . We came to evolve , to experience the joy of being through unlimited experiences of discovery and to do this we have to expand consistently beyond our own self imposed limitations of fear .

Evey day will offers us opportunities to take a risky choice , to reach beyond our previous idea of ourself and stretch out of our comfort zone . Wether it be a new place , person or challenge be willing to take that step . Be willing to expand and realize that your only limits where ones you held onto. You'll be so Glad you did !

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