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Truth Suppressed leads to explosion, Truth expressed leads to compassion

All Truth is energy in motion , we choose either calm honesty in every moment or explosive anger if we hold back , Either way it needs to be expressed.

When we hold back our emotions and do t allow ourselves to express them in the truth of the moment, they will build up inside us , become pressurized and then explode at the slightest provocation. It is at this point that i stead of blaming and reacting to that moment that we can look at the dynamic and how this has been suppressed for a period of time and only now just had the tipping point.

The energy that os being released here is trying to find balance because it has required a lot of your energy to restrain it , back and this has drained you to the point of exhaustion where you can no longer hold back. Yet the teal key here is to ask yourself why you held back from communicating in the first place before it built to this crescendo?

The answer is to look at the aspect of you that has been holding back the authentic expression of ourselves and what self judgement we are holding so close that we do not allow that real exposure of who we are and this can feel restrictive and we adopt shut down mechanisms. Now is the time to trust the bigger picture to be vulnerable and honest and open up and be willing and courageous enough to share this with others and recognize the compassion that blossoms on the outside and reflects inside us as we embrace our true nature .

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