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to feel Love, express love

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Ask yourself what are you trying to prove, what perceived lack do you erroneously see in yourself that the achievement of some goal will quell? Realize that all drive to accomplish a goal is to gain the false reward of ingratiation , the idea that somehow you can be more !.. more powerful , more beautiful , more intelligent , more popular .. …more worthy! More worthy of love ? We want love , and yet we can’t seem to get enough .. And yet the reason we feel this is because Love is not something you get , it’s something YOU ARE! And the only way to feel Love is to express it , In other words it’s when we Love that we feel Love , we feel Alive , we feel whole , we feel Full! Each of us is an eternal spring of Source and it’s our own boulders of doubt and fear that has blocked the flow . This is why we seek outside of ourself for that which can only be fulfilled from within , and yet it is in its total and every increasing Expression that we truly tap into the truth that this source can never be diminished. In fact it is its grander expression , ever widening in its inclusion of the other , that we ultimately realize the true purpose of our life , The reason , the answer , the function of our being is to Love ! …And in this we are eternally Fulfilled , and nothing to prove . EVERNOW

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