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Make Space to face all the feelings that arise to be felt for once you no longer avoid them you set them free

When we are impacted by events in our life that bring up submerged feelings at first we can be jarred by this experience and often look to blame the person or situation that has triggered this , yet in doing so we seek to avoid the reason this has arisen which is to give us the opportunity to heal the wound that has been hidden within .

When we have a experience in our past that has been avoided and left unresolved it creates an aspect of avoidance in us as we look to create a life that doesn't re-trigger these feelings , however this creates a perversion of our authenticity and inner apprehension . We are constantly in fear of repeating this and miss out opportunities due to this fear .

Eventually from a higher level we are yearning to be free of this inner restrictions and we call in these situations so we can face the feelings that have been buried and own our part in them . Once we are willing to feel them fully we are no longer controlled by their avoidance and dropping them are free to evolve unencumbered by the baggage of our past .

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