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Updated: May 12, 2022


When we desire to feel more energy the issue is just like a car we are low on fuel , and we need to fill up . Physically we need to get good rest , exercise and eat healthy yet to feel mentally and emotionally energized we use a different kind of fuel .

When our life consists of duties and tasks , that we feel we have to do we can become burdened down by this weight of external responsibilities and it can flatten our mindset draining us of our zest for life . However of we choose to balance all things with the intention to bring us joy , then we can factor in each day moments of delight that fill us up starting with a morning regime of meditation, yoga , nature and yummy breakfast we can set the tone for the day , and then plan in something to look forward to , today , next week , next year , that brings a smile to our face .

When we do this, then we can reposition even the most mundane jobs as steps towards the joyful experiences we are calling in , living from this space creates the most precious fuel for our beings,

Enthusiasm ! This energizes our spirit when we spontaneously say 'YES' to our inspiration without attachment but excitement feeling so positive that whatever unfurls will add to the joy of our lives !

Joie de vivre !

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