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Unexpected calamity leads to unexpected generosity

When the unexpected hits us we can be thrown of course and have to let go of our control and in many ways , after some frustration have to surrender and be lead to the humbling place of trust within us all .

Wether its a car breaking down or an unexpected delay of some sort we are brought into the present moment and asked to let go of our plans and show up for what is happening right here and now . The gift here is that instead of resistance or feeling that life is unfair we can walk instead through the door of acceptance and discovery wondering what this new turn in the path will take us .

If we are able to move to equanimity then we unblock the flow of generosity that is available to us all and allow friends and family , and angels in the form of strangers to arrive and support us . We can graciously accept the help that shows up with gratitude and see that this experience reveals that we are always taken care of no matter how it seems at first .

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