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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

When we are generous with another it reminds us to be generous with ourselves

Generosity is the out flowing of abundance from the source within us to the aspects of source outside us .

We often think of it as being good to others, yet the real secret is that it is the most enlivening thing we can do.

For when we are generous with others it reminds us that we have the key to our own overflowing joy within us .

Joy that is attained from the outside is playing the "Need" Game where we do things to gain happiness from them, yet when we reverse the process we realize that its in our generous expression to others , that we ourselves are the beneficiaries of that generosity for as the energy passes through us we are blessed by its grace and we are reminded of the abundance we possess , that is only realized when shared .

The other aspect of generosity is that even when there is no other , we can remember that this same feeling of joy is available to us if we are generous with our spirit to our small self . We can create Moments of generosity to ourselves, like mediation, a short walk in nature , a stopping point of rest , buying a healthy snack or drink , calling a dear friend , a little gift for oneself, they all access the same energetic and allow your soul to outflow in its natural state of generous giving .

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