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Be generous with your heart for you then have the abundance to share it

Generosity starts at home, this is a famous saying and what it really means is that we should be generous with us selves.

When we treat ourselves like a beggar, and only serve ourselves last we are saying to ourselves that we are not worthy of our love. And so we approach life from a place of lack and sometimes almost desperation , needing to be fulfilled from the outside.

Instead of this we should start from a place of generosity in our own hearts choosing beautiful walks in nature, calming moments, dear friends, nourishing foods, and engendering a romantic relationship with ourselves full of tender loving care.

When we come from this place our heart feels nurtured and taken care of and this nourishment creates a generous heart that wishes to share it’s abundance with everyone else, But does so from a place of generosity and gratitude.

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