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The BIG U - 1/23/21


Normally we are motivated by achievement, we set a goal and we feel that upon achieving it we have gained something that will in someway improve us , and ultimately make us feel more worthy, and because of this paradigm we often sacrifice our well being in the process !

What if instead of our goals being for gain in the future they where simply devices that created an opportunity to undertake a journey that offered in every step the possibility of fulfillment, as we discovered and then engaged our bliss , inspired and excited to share our gifts along the way.

When we realize that each moment is offered to express the wonder we are and that in itself is the complete objective When we know ourselves in this expression of our ultimate being unrestricted by results , rewards or requirements we become intrinsically motivated, we revel in the delight of each moment as our internal light shines forth to the world.

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