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Every layer of our identity that is peeled away reveals a more authentic version of who we are in what remains

Life will send wonderful teachers to us that sometimes seem threatening , because they will peel away a layer of our protection that we feel is a part of us and we have identified with, so obviously it feels scary as we feel we are going to lose a part of our selves.

Actually what is happening is the world will bring you what the native people call “coyotes”, they will play a destructive and disruptive role in your life, and will bring about change through the device of challenge.

However as we learn to recognize this device, we can see what part of ourselves we are defending and recognize that there is a freedom and having it removed. For as each layer that we thought was us, is taken from us what remains is purer and more authentic then what came before, And in this way we evolve towards the core of our being that is lighter and closer to the essence of who we truly are.

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