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THE BIG U - 2/4/21

LIFEBOOK is an the inspired life coaching system by Jon and Missy Butcher , based on splitting life into 12 Categories and then defining for ourself what we wish to attract in each of these categories . Over the next 12 days i will list theses and define for myself the energies i am calling in to each area of my life consciously visualizing this into manifestation by my choice and by then using this as an aligning tool to move toward this in my daily life and to release energies that do not support this vision.

The first category is SOCIAL , what is your social circle?. What are the people you surround yourself with and the groups you choose to give energy too and support?

It has been said that we are the sum total of our 5 closest people in our life!

So it makes sense to look closely at this and choose to surround and invest time with those that support us and align easily with our evolution, for they share a similar vision and ethos around the beliefs and direction of our lives .

I choose to surround myself with supportive, creative and inspiring people that align with my beliefs and share my vision of serving the world through vulnerable and courageous self revolution and inspired service !

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