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THE BIG U - 2/17/21

I choose to Be integral above all and allow the love i am to guide each action as i walk in truth .

Our character is the aligning principles , the foundations on which we choose to navigate our life from , the skeleton that we allow the ever changing aspects of our personality to be carried upon . These are choices we make from an internal knowing , the guidance of the BIG U that steers us to always be in the most authentic state .

When we are in alignment with our honest expression of our divine being we are at peace , and the guidelines of feeling either resistance or insistence help us by showing us when we are not in integrity. If we feel insistent it is an invitation to relax and surrender, and if we feel resistant it is inviting us to move towards that energy as the evolution is always at the edge of our comfort zone

LIFEBOOK is an inspired life coaching system by Jon and Missy Butcher , based on splitting life into 12 Categories and then defining for ourself what we wish to attract in each of these categories .

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