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Updated: May 4, 2021

Knowing the way & having a good map can often be very helpful , however sometimes in life despite this we become lost and although this can seem confusing and scary there is a reason we are specifically lead down an unexpected path.

If we are always following a predetermined path and guidance from our past experiences that can be very useful in life to achieve everyday duties and give us confidence and calm to navigate life , however the purpose of this existence is to constantly evolve and that is not possible if we cease to stretch ourselves and no longer take risks .

Whether we are willing to listen to our intuition and be spontaneous following the unexpected path or we are thrust into circumstances where we metaphorically lose our selfs .; a change of relationship, job or home , it is ultimately a shift in the actual nature of our being is required.

When we are able to detach from our identity and lose our previous idea of ourselves that we are given the opportunity to truly discover who we are !

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