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The possibility of loss allows the opportunity of love

For us To truly open ourselves up to love we need to open ourselves up to loss . What i mean by this is that without real vulnerability we are never at risk and so by playing it safe we keep our heart guarded and so it cannot open fully to loving .

The only thing ever at risk is a lie or a falsehood , its a protective mechanism we use so that we can avoid being “hurt” when the object of our love leaves or changes , yet this strategy shuts us down so that we never can feel love , for we can only realize that in the expression of love .

Love comes from within us and needs no protection, it expands and expresses itself and that is how we actually feel it . When we experience loss we are actually experiencing the loss of the trigger in a person that made us feel safe to love . Yet love doesn’t need safety for it is not at risk , the only way we can lose it is to hold ourselves back from its expression.

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