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Surrender what is lost to discover what is found

If we hold in to things which seem to be moving away from us we can expend a lot of energy to try and keep them around . This can be people, places , things or even our own beliefs or ideas about ourselves . Normally this is because We feel we have invested in them , which in some way cost us , so we hold on to them hoping we will get a payoff for that investment in time, energy or money .

However when something is moving away or actually disappears unexpectedly although it can be a challenge to accept the loss , we are actually being invited to discover something new in its place .

The key here is to surrender gladly , for when we do the space opens up for something unexpected to arrive . We find a whole new idea, person or place in that opening that is so much more aligned to our authentic self that when we let go of the past we'll discover the gift in this upgraded present !

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