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Loving Resilience is having the fortitude to be authentic and trusting the consequences

Love is the absence of conditions, it is not a consequence. Not caused by the world but the effect that creates it. It is who we are yet is only realised  in its expression .

As it flows out of the conduit of our perspective,  we get to feel that which we have spent our lives seeking , ignited by that which we perceive before us.

Love does not require acknowledgment or appreciation it is complete its expression , yet mistakenly, the reflection we see in the world is how we quantify this . That a loving act will reflect a loving reaction and an unloving act will result in an unloving one .  So when the opposite seems to happen we become confused and irritated and see the other as  having their 'problem' .

Yet what if all acts are reflective?Then rather than blaming the other we'd need to look at ourselves and discover what insistence is within us that is bringing up resistance in another . We will discover that we are the onesattached to a result , and instead of simply observing it, we judge the reflection and come to a conclusion wether something is loving or not based on that .

The reason we misunderstand this is because our identity is attached to its interpretation of how something should look or feel . So when it feels off we are confused about the feedback . But what if this feedback is to show us its our perspective that is mistaken, ie where we are looking from .

Love is fluid , and always authentic in each moment and that which would challenge this in the outside world is actually a challenge to our perspective. Which asks us to look at our ego's opinions and judgements and question them .

Resilient Love , is when we have the  fortitude to live authentically, without attachment to the results. We have the courage to communicate honestly with compassion no matter the perceived result . Rather than attempting to manipulate our words to achieve a pleasing response, we allow the power of honesty to create an authentic connection that leads to real and meaningful relationships.

Have the courage to communicate with honesty today !

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