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The BIG U 03/19/21

when we are mentally overwhelmed it is time to surrender to the universe

In our lives we pride ourselves at having a mind that can calculate, strategize and figure out ways to navigate problems and challenges that arise, however sometimes life simply challenges us beyond our capacity. Literally too many balls to juggle at once and as we understand this and realize it’s only a matter of time before we drop them all, we start to become mentally overwhelmed at the impending calamity.

Although this is an immense and difficult experience to understand, what is actually occurring is the universe is asking you to surrender, to let go of the idea that you have to do all the juggling alone. It is asking you to trust , to let some of the balls drop because they no longer serve you, and to give some of the balls up to the universe where it will juggle them in ways and with people and situations that you could never imagine.

When we start to realize that the overwhelm is a sign for us to release control, to let go of our pride in holding everything together, and to read the signs early enough to start delegating, and surrendering some of the things on our plate to others, and some of the things put aside for another day . Finally offering them all up to the universe to allow it to enact miracles that in a holding on we could never have seen happening.

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