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A Physical strain is a sign of an emotional strain and is an opportunity to slow down and reflect on the pressure you put on yourself

When we have a physical injury, our muscles or our body because we push it too far and do not listen to the initial warnings that we are doing this.

However below the physical energy level is the emotional Energy level, and normally if we are paying attention we will notice when we are pushing down the emotional signals that are communicating with us and forcing our way through because of duty, pride, responsibility or commitment to something other than ourselves.

When we live our life with such pressure to perform and achieve placing our own well-being well down the list of priorities the universe has no choice but to get our attention and when we fail to listen to the emotional communications and force through we get a physical communication in the form of a strain or injury.

Now is the time to stop, to slow down , rest and reflect on what you have failed to listen to, and notice that this is an opportunity to realign your life so that it is in harmony with your own well-being.

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