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THE BIG U 4/1/21

When we feel misunderstood it is an opportunity to ask where we are not clear inside

In life when we communicate our main objective is to be understood, to convey clearly a message to another so that we feel heard and recognized. So it is a charged experience if we feel misunderstood. It can make us seem unrecognized and misrepresented which can cause frustration and irritation towards another, however like all experiences that we attract to ourselves this is another opportunity to look at the reflection and why The communication is not landing.

The main issue here is wanting to be heard , Yet underneath that is wanting to truly be seen. For the person we communicating with to recognize what is really going on for us and Yet quite often the reason our communication is Being misunderstood is because we are misrepresenting our authentic self. We can be trying to be clever ar quite often in an attempt to protect ourselves We are talking about an issue that seems to be important yet the real issue is being hidden underneath.

The opportunity here is to take a breath stop thinking at these times and check in with our feelings. To really feel why we are been triggered and what it is within us that we are trying to protect. From this place we can access our vulnerability and then courageously Share from this place which creates compassion and the true connection that we were yearning for all along.

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