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Updated: Sep 5, 2020

All seeming limitations are redirections to an unexpected destination

In life when we are impacted by unexpected limitations like illness, financial loss, relationship splits, job changes, or any other situation that seems to change our current Trajectory, we can often feel frustrated and that in someway a higher force is trying to stop us from achieving our goals.

However the BIG U, is seeing from a higher perspective and it’s taking into account all the energies of your life, and your current decision is based on the small you’s limited perspective so quite often what looks like a frustrating delay or change of direction is actually a gift of an unexpected destination.

So if you are feeling limited in someway , drop the annoyance and lean into what is before you , realize this is an adjustment in your course, a redirection that will lead you to an unexpected journey with new surprise gifts for you to receive along the way.

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