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Free your Heart and your mind will follow

The classic line is "Free your Mind and legs will follow " which as a DJ resonated totally with me , yet what I've found is that in order to free your mind one needs to free their heart!

When we are willing to use our hearts as the primary guidance system then we are more highly tuned to the synchronization , spontaneity, and guidance that is always coming our way yet rarely given value as a legitimate source of guidance by our minds .

When we value this more than the restrictive dynamic of the mind , which in its attempt to keep us safe , is limiting our perception of the subtle realm of infinite possibilities that is always open to showing the way to an unexpected and dynamic twist on our journey . Once our mind discovers the benefits of this way of navigating the world instead of shutting down the hearts directives , we become more open minded and it seeks to amplify the signals towards the adventurous unknown where evolution awaits.

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