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Opening New Doors

When one door is closed to us a better one will open

When in life the way ahead seems Closed to us we can feel indignant and challenged. We believe that out Freedom is being blocked And can feel called to rise up against this suppression. However The question also arises how can this be serving us?.

If we are willing to look carefully we can ask why this diversion has appeared on our path and instead of insisting on continuing the way we feel we have to, we can stop and look to see if there is another way opening up in a different direction . At first we could be so focused on the blockage that we fail to realize that this alternative path might very well serve us better.

So when changes unexpectedly occur, take a breath , engender trust within and make space for Grace to open a new door that had been previously hidden behind your righteousness and bow to the mystery that this new exciting opportunity presents.

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